Random Photos

Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

This is Annie learning how to use the bush hog on Jim’s tractor.   Annie is out of the C Litter.

This is Scout  with her tennis ball.  Scout is out of the I litter.

This is Phantom hunting.  Phantom is out of the G Litter.  He just recently finished his Junior Hunter and is working on his Senior Hunter.

This is Oakley and Tink.  They are sharing their bed in Northern Kentucky.  Oakley is out of the I Litter.

This is Judge out of the “G” Litter, loving on his newest family member.

On the left below is Keys  begging for a treat and on the right he is enjoying his pillow.   Keys is out of the “I” Litter.

This is Sweet Pea visiting with her sister Dixie.  Dixie has stayed with us several times and has always been a joy to have around.  She just visited this time to pick up a new friend, Mountain Deputy.

Lucca and Gracie are retrieving dummies from the pond in Hustle, VA.  We were up for Gracie’s Natural Ability Test. 


Below they are in the hotel room.  Don’t they look innocent.  Maybe a little hot from the wrestling, but innocent.