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What can we say about Rugby.� He was everything we expected and so much more.� He gave everything he had to everything he did.� He was one of a litter of 15.�

When he was 11 months old, he showed us what he was capable of and a glimpse of the future.� In one month, he received a prize I with a score of 112 out of 112 on his Natural Ability test with NAVHDA.� He also passed two legs of his Junior Hunter in the same month.� And to cap it off, got his first major in his first show over his father.�

He had an intensity that was amazing.� When not competing or performing, he was a big clown.� But you take him into the confirmation ring, or turn him loose to hunt, and another dog showed up.� He was all business, with his tail just a wagging.� In his show career, he had 59 Best of Breeds and 4 group placements.� In two calendar years of being lightly specialed he ended up being ranked #3 in Breed points both years.� One of his greatest wins, was the day after the specialty in New York.� He won the breed that day and went on to a Group 4.�

He was invited twice to Westminster and went both times.� On his first outing, he won the Award of Merit.� He was so young at the time, that we just could not believe it.� He never did mind the crowds at Westminster.� It just meant more people to love on him and for him to love on.� His favorite time was to go into the basement of the Pennsylvania hotel.� Down there they had all of these treadmills set up for display.� One thing about it, he loved a treadmill.� He would just about pull your arm out of socket to get onto one.� They even had him using one on the local television stations.

In spite of all of his accompishments, most of all, he was a great companion, with a super personality.

We will always love him.


This is how he finally got comfortable on his ride home from Massachusetts.� He wore us out until he decided he could ride here comfortably.

I think that big old chain will hold him.

Here he is doing the Doggie Fun Zone in Nashville.� It was a lure coursed over an obstacle course.� He loved it.� The best was when him and Ariel raced each other on the course.� He was faster, but she could turn quicker.

Here Rugby is making a retrieve on a live duck after the duck search.� He had been in the pond for 25 minutes, when he finally found the duck and brought it to hand.� This was done at a Georgia Sub Chapter of NAVHDA training day.

Text Box: Bear Hug
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Rugby Facts:


Date of Birth:� 15 December, 2003


Finished 3rd in conformation for 2006 & 2007.


Award of Excellence at 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Show.


Had 4 group placements.� 1 Group 2, 1 Group 3 and 2 Group 4�s.


23.5 inches at the withers (59.7 cm), 65 pounds.


Hips OFA Good.��


Passed Junior Hunter in 4 straight passes.� 112 out of 112 points for a Prize I on the Natural Ability Test with NAVHDA.


Sired our B and C litters.�





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