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GCH Bear Hug Fire Knight In Shining Armor



Lucca Facts:

Date of Birth:  28 May, 2014

Lucca is the entire “K” Litter.  He loves everything he does, and does it at 110%.  Lucca did not show much, but was successful when he did.  And unfortunately he came along at a time when Lonnie was not fully engaged in hunting.  So his exposure to that was very limited. 

22” at the withers.  65 pounds.  Great coat, super movement.  Very happy and loving. 

Lucca is the sire of our Q, R and T Litters.   He produces sound, typey puppies with lots of drive in the field.  Plus he give them the sweet temperament that he has.

Lucca is KBKB, cannot produce tan points.

Lucca Pedigree.jpg
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