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W Litter - Week 4

They are now 4 weeks old.  They have been weaned and have made their first adventures outside.   We are starting to see some of their personalities come out.  Taking them out for photos was fun.  Some like Charlotte and Peanut thought it was great right away.  The rest had to warm up to the idea.  All three of the boys are adventurous also.

Lamar was named for the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.  He is our biggest boy at this time.  

Corbin was named after the town in Kentucky that Lonnie's parents are from.  He is our smallest boy.

This is Charlotte.  As you can tell by her playing in the one picture, she loved being in the grass.  

Blaze is the smallest girl.  But that does not stop her from tackling her littermates.  She is going to have a white spot on her head.

We just love Tessa's dark head.  It is a very dark brown and very distinguishable.

Okeh is named after Lonnie's aunt, who came by a couple of days after they were born, and thought it would be great to have one named after her.  And she chose this girl, who is still very silver.

Peanut was the original runt of the litter.  But now she has outgrown Blaze.  She is cute and adventurous.

Hayden was also named after a valley at Yellowstone NP.  he does not have any spots and like his brothers, sweet and adventurous.

8M 1.JPG

And Sally was the last one.  She is very sweet and gives good snuggles. 

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