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W Litter - Week 6

These little munchkins are 6weeks old now.  Boy they have changed in a couple of weeks.  They are super fun to work with and are really starting to show their personalities.  But who can resist a 6 week old puppy? 

Lamar is still the biggest boy.  Very sweet and being the first to be photographed, he had a lot of energy.  

Corbin continues to be our smallest boy.  But he does not lack for boldness.

1M 2.JPG
1M 3.JPG
1M 1.JPG
2M 1.JPG
2M 2.JPG

Charlotte was our first girl and she can be very striking with her markings.

3F 1.JPG

Blaze is the smallest girl.  She is just adorable.  Loves to snuggle.

4F 1.JPG

Tessa is a very dark brown in her spots.  She also is a big mover.

5F 1.JPG
3F 2.JPG
4F 2.JPG
5F 2.JPG

Okeh continues as our largest puppy in this litter.  She is very striking and has confidence.

6F 1.JPG
6F 2.JPG

Peanut has become a very bold puppy.  When we took her photos, she carried everything around that we had out and liked to never have stopped.

7F 1.JPG
7F 2.JPG

Hayden does not have any spots, which makes him stand out.  He is also a very funny puppy.  Always playing with Blaze or Peanut.

8M 1.JPG
8M 2.JPG

Sally was the last one photographed and she had a hard time waking up for the event.

9F 1.JPG
9F 2.JPG
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