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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

How We Got Started


In1997, we, or should we say, Lonnie, started the search for a dog.  Lonnie wanted a lot from this dog.  The first item on the wish list was that it could hunt upland game.  The second item was that it could retrieve ducks when timber hunting.  The third item was that it could be a breed of dog that could also be shown in the confirmation ring.  And finally the last and most important requirement was that it should be a good member of the family and fit in with the children and grandchildren.  Because of Lonnie’s  knee problems, this dog needed to be able to hunt within his range and not be too big.   

With these requirements in mind, the search was narrowed down to 4 breeds.  And after much thought and research we finally chose the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.  This breed of dog most closely met all of the requirements.  The next problem was finding a breeder that would entrust a puppy with novice gundog owners.  After much searching and many phone calls, we got to know Ted and Linda Gagnon.  We liked the looks of their dogs and the many things that they and their puppy owners had done with the dogs that they had bred.  From this start we were able to get on the puppy list for a litter in the winter of 1999. 

From this litter we got our first Griffon, “Maggie”, CH Wet Acres Happy Camper JH.  You had to know Maggie to love her.  With Maggie’s personality, it is a miracle that Marsha’ was ever talked into getting another Griff. 

But somehow it was done, and again we were on a puppy list for a breeding in the fall of 2003.  From this litter of 15 we got “Rugby”, CH Wet Acres Moonshine JH.  Even though Maggie exhibited the hunting ability and trainability of a Griffon, Rugby epitomized what a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon should be.  He was friendly, loving, goofy, clownish and serious when he needed to be.  He loved everything, whether it was hunting, showing, agility, or just meeting people.  He was a once in a lifetime dog. 

From there, we added several other Griffs to our lives.  CH Bear Hug Bring It On JH NA NAJ (Sweet Pea), GCH Bourgroyal’s BM Pearl JH (Pearl) and GCH Duchasseur Brisse des Battures JH (Breezy).   All three of these girls did great in the field and show ring, but most of all produced some great puppies. 

Out of Sweet Pea we  kept two puppies from the F Litter, GCH Bear Hug Fire In The Hole JH (Boomer) and GCH Bear Hug Femme Fatale JH BN CGC (Mocha).   Boomer achieved the title of Grand Champion at 10 months and 8 days old.  He was the number one griffon in conformation in 2012.

We did keep one puppy out of Breezy’s last litter with Boomer and she is Tybee, GCHB Bear Hug I’m A Lil Boom Boom.  She had great structure, movement, coat and drive in the field.  The same day Tybee finished, she received a second place in the Sporting Group in Greensboro, NC.

Poppy, CH Wet Acres Bbig Bbang Theory, came into our lives from Wet Acres Kennels.  She is from Ted and Linda and is a granddaughter of Rugby’s sister Lily.  She has excellent drive and is one of the best mothers I have ever seen. 

 K Litter, Lucca, GCH Bear Hug Knight In Shining Armor, and a little girl out of our J Litter, Sophie, GCH Bear Hug Jiggy With It.  We need eda sanity check at this point. 

To continue our story, we were married in 1998, and together we have 9 children and at last count 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  We were both raised in Big Stone Gap, VA.  Not only do we have the Griffons, but we have a Boston Terrier that is the boss.  And that is Chloe, and the Griffons know that she is the boss.   Except for Nellie, Bear Hug Roached Up Nellie, that now belongs to our daughter.  We have been having a great time with her as a grandpuppy.

In 2019 we had two litters.  From the first litter, the “S” litter, we kept two puppies.  It was a very fortuitous decision, as their mother Sophie passed away on 5 December, 2019, from bloat.  It happened while we were at work and we may never get over it.  But now we have “Enzo”, Bear Hug Sing Second and “Lucy”, Bear Hug Sexy And You Know It, reminding us every day of their mother.  We are enjoying going through the steps of puppy ownership again, as it had been over 5 years since our last one.

We hope that this brief introduction helps you know us and how much we care for this wonderful breed of dog.

After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in preserving it, which led to the birth of our San Francisco business. Since then, we’ve known so much love, joy and excitement! Contact us to find out more.

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