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Bear Hug West Point Warrior


Charlotte is the girl we kept from the W Litter.  As we say, "She is a Tom Cat's kitten."  When she comes into a room, she is like, I am here, you can start now.  She has great confidence and presence.  Charlotte has had birds shot over her since she was 9 weeks old and loves ever aspect of hunting.

Charlotte's mother was Nellie, CH Bear Hug Roached Up Nellie, and her dad was our boy Enzo, GCHS CH Bear Hug Sing Second JH CGC.  Her personality is not like either parent, so she is her own person.  And her name goes back to a name I heard years ago, that I always wanted to use.  So being from the "W" litter, she was christened with West Point Warrior.

Charlotte has really changed our lives around here.  We had not kept a puppy in 4 years and we are still relearning a lot of things about raising a puppy.  But she provides us with a lot of love, action and laughs.  


Charlotte Facts: 
Date of Birth:  20 August, 2023
Charlotte is still growing and not reached final size.  She has a great coat so far and a beautiful expression.

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