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CH Bear Hug Sexy And You Know It JH



Lucy is the girl we kept from the S Litter.  And this picture fully expresses everything she is about.  She moves tirelessly through the field, with great intensity.  Here she is clearing some grass to get to where she wanted to.  

This was a breeding of our girl Sophie, GCH Bear Hug Jiggy With It and Magnum,   Magnum du Barbu des Carpates, who is a UT prize 1.  

She is a wonderful dog.  Great personality, sweet, loving, but has unbelievable drive.  This would involve anything outside of the windows, a fly in the house or any type of game bird.  She is on it.  

Lucy keeps life interesting and provides us with constant entertainment.  She is a great size, quick, agile and tireless.  

Lucy Facts: 

Date of Birth:  13 September, 2019

Lucy is 20.75 inches tall at the withers and weighs 42 pounds. 

 OFA:  Good

Lucy Pedigree.jpg
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